Australia’s only independent national skateboard association. Run by skateboarders, and funded by skateboarders. We would love government funding to expand our activities. While we wait for that, we are getting on with the job of engaging, motivating and inspiring skateboarders to  be independent and take charge of their own future.

Downhill, Slalom, BoarderX, Freeride, Slide and longboard

ASRA is not just downhill skateboard racing. The last 10 years we have sanctioned, organised and run a wide variety of skateboard events. BoarderX: a pop up skatepark that challenges skateboarders to be the first through set of obstacles. Slalom racing in carparks, ditches and closed roads. Seven successful World Cup downhill events on Mt Panorama and Mt Keira and the 2009 IGSA World Championships.


ASRA is an Australian community of skateboarders. We are inclusive, not exclusive. We skate parks, street, bowls. We slalom down roads, in ditches. We race each other down carparks and mountains.

The events and work we do is only possible due to a dedicated group of volunteers. If you want to get involved, please join our  online community.



Event Description: The Australian National Slalom Championships (aka Capital Punishment 2019) will be run by the guys at CROSS, as volunteers of Canberra Skateboarding Association for the official Stromlo event and is happening at: Ainslie Ditch on March 9, Stromlo head to head March 10 Spence drains on March 11 Format Head to Head slalom …


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ASRA Board

  • President: Lance Evans | 0458 045 068 |
  • Vice-President: Mitch Thomson |
  • Treasurer: Gemma Holland |
  • Secretary: Nicole Mills |
  • Event management: Jackson Shapiera
  • IT systems: Phil Shapcott
  • Social media: Max Heaton
  • Victorian state representative: Zak Mills-Goodwin
  • South Australian representative: Christopher Hardy
  • West Australia representative: Raine Kent
  • ACT and Slalom rerepresentative and webmaster: Scotty Taylor
  • Queensland representative: Mack Geddes
  • NSW representative: Aldo Dezani