Volunteer for Newtons 2018

Newtons 2018 is held on Mt Panorama on April 6th to 8th. It is an amazing weekend of racing, the Australian community comes together with our friends from overseas, and we find out who is the fastest skater in Australia!

All this can not happen without volunteers. They are the backbone of an ASRA event. Yes it can be hardwork, but nothing beats the smile you get from being part of one of Australia’s best skateboard events. All volunteers get training, and we pair new people with experienced people. There is nothing that is out of anyone’s comfort zone. Volunteers help with organisation, road marshalling, organising competitors, and general duties. This year we are planning to rotate volunteers, so you dont get stuck in one place. We are also working with skate brands to provide skate swag for volunteers at the end of the day (more on this later).

Please sign up, we will be in contact soon.

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