Freeride at Newtons 2018

Yes there is freeriding at Newtons this year. Freeride ticket is $100.

Please be warned, this is a serious hill. Surrounded by concrete walls, you will travel fast and push your limits. ASRA reserves the right to revoke freeride status on anyone that does not have the skill. ie skating beyond their limits. There are no refunds.

Freeriders have a special wristband. You can sign in and collect at Castrol tower on Friday 6th April or at the riders meeting 5th April Thursday 7pm at Castrol Tower.

Freeriders must follow the same rules as competitors. You must obey marshals and officials at all times.

Newtons has only one flag colour = RED. If a red flag is shown then proceed with caution. Red flag means caution, slow down, there is a problem on track. An example would be a crash and haybales are out of place. Another example that might come up this year is kangaroo ontrack.

If the red flag shown is getting waved – so a MOVING red flag that means shut down, all skaters must stop, there is a life threatening situation on track. An example of that is an unauthorised car on track.

There are no green flags at Newtons. If you have been sent down the mountain to skate, then the track is always green until you see a red flag.

Freeriders endangering themselves, other skaters or the general public due to bad behaviour or poor skating will have their freeride status revoked. There are no warnings. No refunds. Behave.

Freeriders do not have to wear leathers, if you choose to freeride without leathers, this is your choice. Fullface helmet is compulsory. Equipment will be checked.

You can skate the mountain as many times as you like on Friday. You must keep to queues. No queue jumping like Jacko. If we have time on Saturday or Sunday for freeriders we will make an announcement. At this stage, freeriding is Friday only.

See you on the mountain!


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