2019 Capital Punishment Race Report

Another huge weekend of racing was had in Canberra with a great turnout at the National slalom skateboarding event. I’ll start out by thanking everyone involved, especially the competitors who travelled from all over to take part in the event. Thanks to our sponsors Globe, Goliath, OCD, Basement Skates and Bentspoke Brewing. Thanks to CROSS crew, including Effie who kept us all fed and hydrated. Thanks to Evan and Martin our trophy makers. This year we also give a massive thanks to Canberra Skateboarding Association for helping us out with insurance, ASRA was struggling to cover the rather expensive insurance, and our event would not have been sustainable going forward without CSA.

You’ll find plenty of pics, videos and discussion on the Facebook Event page and Dave Pang’s photo album of the event.

Saturday March 9 – Ainslie ditch, the teeth of doom

We changed the timetable up a bit this year moving the Ainslie ditch day to Saturday to coincide with the Belco Bowl Jam which several of the slalom crew went to after Ainslie. It was a cracker of a day with a little bit of damp in the drain early, but it dried out in good time and we got underway. Ryan “Pickles” Nicholls out down an early fast time, as “Dangerous” Dave Miller struggled having down a few too many sherbets the night before. Jacko Shapiera decided it was time to go fast and threw down a run pretty early which took him below the 20 second mark. As far as we know the last time that happened was when Jacko last came to the race!

Several newcomers were racing, it was great to see everyone eventually make it down the ditch and post a time even if we had to give away some second chance runs. Alex Tupaliski managed unofficial 11th spot after he’d done his runs and DQ’d, in bare feet! Full results:

1 Jacko Shapiera 19.600
2 Ryan Nicholls 20.145
3 Owen Davey 20.325
4 Paul Carey 20.795
5 Dave Miller 20.867
6 Dan Monoghan 22.524
7 Dave Pang 22.739
8 Paul Shaddock 23.371
9 Scotty Taylor 24.312
10 Ethan Shaddock 25.341
11 Alex Tupaliski 25.639 (DQ)
12 Gareth Hailey 26.054
13 Chris Sheldrick 26.113
14 Rhys Flanigan 29.285
15 Matt Bozanic 32.212

Download the spreadsheet 

Jacko’s selfie stick run and Gareth’s helmet cam run

Chris styling it up with a tail grab – pic Dave Pang


Sunday March 10 – Slalom Nationals, Stromlo

Another amazing day dawned and we all headed to Stromlo for the main event. Some of the racers got to talking the night before and decided to change the course, it had been set previously on the Friday night the same as the past year. Some changes were made, more offset and a little more challenging, everybody was happy so we started racing. It was all going smoothly when we discovered we’d used the incorrect spreadsheet for the results, so when it got down to finals we didn’t have racers doing both lanes, it was a total elimination where the lead racer picked the lane they wanted to race. Still a fair way to run the race so we continued with the format. Turned out to be a blessing for a few racers who didn’t have a lot left in the tank after Saturday’s racing.

We had some more newcomers including Hannah Molyneux who borrowed a board and had an absolute blast all day, we’ve never heard anyone that happy after having done their first clean run, I reckon the people at Ainslie heard her cheers all the way from Stromlo. We also had a field of two females in the race with the return of Immy McMillan who came back like she’d never left, smashing out some great times and looking stylish all day.

Meanwhile at the pointy end the racing was being dominated by our usual leaders, Jacko, Shadow, Pickles and Boomer. In a repeat of last year Pickles had a DQ run and bowed out for fourth spot, while Jacko and Shadow went on to the final. They both put down times in the 17’s but in the end Jacko hit less cones and won the day, stamping his authority on both of the big events for the weekend. Podium the same as last year and a notable effort from Dan Monoghan to nab 5th, he gets faster every year.

We attempted a straight 50 cone race but no results, it had to be called off before everyone got their runs in, but it looked like Jacko and Dan would have had a battle royale if the wind didn’t ruin things. Immy was also smashing some fast times, we’ll see how we go next year.

Full results:

1 Jacko Shapiera
2 Paul Shaddock
3 Nick Sable
4 Ryan Nicholls
5 Dan Monoghan
6 Paul Carey
7 Mountain Mick
8 Scotty Taylor
9 Dave Miller
10 Ross Scutts
11 Imogen McMillan
12 Paul Parry
13 Ethan Shaddock
14 Marek Keller
15 Matt Bozanic
16 Gareth Hailey
17 Chris Sheldrick
18 Evan Miris
19 Dave Pang
20 Rhys Flanigan
21 Bernie Griffiths
22 Hannah Molyneux

Download the spreadsheet (note, it’s broken)

Jacko looking relaxed but actually flying

Monday 11 March – Spence drains

The final day of competition takes us to the long and not very steep Spence drains. Generally the course is set randomly with a handful of cones and plenty of room to build up some speed pumping. I was feeling good as Jacko had left early so there was some chance of getting a result, and one thing was for sure, Jacko wouldn’t come first! As usual the headwind picked up pretty early making it difficult to keep up the momentum just to make it to the end of the roughly 300m course.

We got everything set up, with a big thanks to Bernie for the garage timer, which went pretty well but was stretched to pass the signal that far so we had a few runs that didn’t get timed. We’re working on a better solution that can use the Trackmate and send signals well over 300 metres without line of sight, stay tuned.

A couple of runs went down in the mid  to high 40’s, my first run wasn’t recorded but it felt really fast, and my second run put me ahead of the field by around 4 seconds. As the wind picked up, it became increasingly difficult for anyone to beat their previous time or progress up the ranks. The best thing about Spence is that anyone can ride it, unlike Ainslie the angles are mellow without any drops or teeth, just stay away from the inlet holes which can swallow boards whole. Newcomers were back with Hannah putting down a few runs using the little known (and highly illegal) pushing technique. It paid off, she managed to stack and even though in the official results it was a DQ, a stack is still a stack so she got the beer.

In the end the wind was too strong and I won the day, with Dan Monoghan hot on my heels channeling the Johnny Primate pumping technique.

Full results:

1 Scotty Taylor 42.60
2 Dan Monoghan 46.72
3 Ryan Nicholls 46.84
4 Dave Miller 48.62
5 Gareth Hailey 49.00
6 Nick Sable 49.21
7 Paul Carey 49.59
8 Paul Parry 52.41
9 Dave Pang 54.00
10 Hannah Molyneux 58.53
11 Mountain Mick 58.59
12 Chris Sheldrick 59.94
13 Evan Miris 62.47
14 Jeff Pagle 68.19
15 Bernie Griffiths 109.60
16 Rhys Flanigan 999.00
Hannah backside grab under the tree wave

NEWTONS 2019 April 5, 2019 to April 7, 2019

ASRA welcomes you all to the biggest and longest running gravity event in Australia hosted at the iconic Mount Panorama. Join us on April 5th-7th in Bathurst, Australia pushing equipment and body to the limit.

If you are travelling internationally we recommend you fly into Sydney and find transport from there. Please feel free to use this event page to coordinate your plans! The hill is approximately 3 hours away. The alternative to finding a ride is to fly, however this is expensive.

We will in time release a full day by day run-list of all activities that will be taking place. As always, we will be throwing hay on Thursday so if you’re in town we would really appreciate you join us as many hands make light work.

Camping as always will be free on top of the mount, we are also organising a riders deal at Bathurst Goldfields (This is still TBC). If you don’t fancy either of these options, Rydges Bathurst is at the bottom of Conrod Straight.

Registration will be opening soon via the IDF website, we will notify all athletes immediately when it goes live.

We look forward to seeing all of your smiles!

Follow the Facebook event for latest updates
Newtons Nation 2019 Facebook EVENT


Event Description:
The Australian National Slalom Championships (aka Capital Punishment 2019) will be run by the guys at CROSS, as volunteers of Canberra Skateboarding Association for the official Stromlo event and is happening at:

Ainslie Ditch on March 9,
Stromlo head to head March 10
Spence drains on March 11

Head to Head slalom at Stromlo with a mixture of single race double elimination and dual race single elimination. The ditch slalom will be done on a Time-trial jam format.

The Ditches
Ditch slalom with wicked acid drops and teeth of doom at Ainslie, and a more mellow toothless ditch at Spence.

Belco Bowl Jam
The Belco Bowl Jam will take place on the Saturday night and many people from our event will attend. We will have a presentation on Sunday night for the slalom.

The head to Head slalom will on the Mt Stromlo criterium track at Stromlo Forest Park. The Ditch slalom will be at the famous teeth of doom at Ainslie Drains and a second drain event at Spence drains on the Monday.

Everybody will race in the Opens with prizes for outstanding efforts from anyone who comes and races.

Rider fee is $25 for Stromlo, $10 for Ainslie, $5 for Spence or $35 for everything.

Safety Requirements
Mandatory – Helmet
Recommended – Gloves and pads

Presentations and raffle
This year we are having our usual events plus a race at Spence on Monday. Presentations will either return to the Statesman or be held somewhere else local. Thanks to our sponsors Bentspoke Brewing, Basement Skate, Goliath and Globe.

The best place to stay is the Statesman Hotel in Curtin which is located a short ride to each event.

Date: March 9, 2019

Location: Stromlo Forest Park

Contact name: Scotty Taylor

Contact Email: staylor_au@hotmail.com

Additional information: Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460154450787896/

Freeride at Newtons 2018

Yes there is freeriding at Newtons this year. Freeride ticket is $100.

Please be warned, this is a serious hill. Surrounded by concrete walls, you will travel fast and push your limits. ASRA reserves the right to revoke freeride status on anyone that does not have the skill. ie skating beyond their limits. There are no refunds.

Freeriders have a special wristband. You can sign in and collect at Castrol tower on Friday 6th April or at the riders meeting 5th April Thursday 7pm at Castrol Tower.

Freeriders must follow the same rules as competitors. You must obey marshals and officials at all times.

Newtons has only one flag colour = RED. If a red flag is shown then proceed with caution. Red flag means caution, slow down, there is a problem on track. An example would be a crash and haybales are out of place. Another example that might come up this year is kangaroo ontrack.

If the red flag shown is getting waved – so a MOVING red flag that means shut down, all skaters must stop, there is a life threatening situation on track. An example of that is an unauthorised car on track.

There are no green flags at Newtons. If you have been sent down the mountain to skate, then the track is always green until you see a red flag.

Freeriders endangering themselves, other skaters or the general public due to bad behaviour or poor skating will have their freeride status revoked. There are no warnings. No refunds. Behave.

Freeriders do not have to wear leathers, if you choose to freeride without leathers, this is your choice. Fullface helmet is compulsory. Equipment will be checked.

You can skate the mountain as many times as you like on Friday. You must keep to queues. No queue jumping like Jacko. If we have time on Saturday or Sunday for freeriders we will make an announcement. At this stage, freeriding is Friday only.

See you on the mountain!


Volunteer for Newtons 2018

Newtons 2018 is held on Mt Panorama on April 6th to 8th. It is an amazing weekend of racing, the Australian community comes together with our friends from overseas, and we find out who is the fastest skater in Australia!

All this can not happen without volunteers. They are the backbone of an ASRA event. Yes it can be hardwork, but nothing beats the smile you get from being part of one of Australia’s best skateboard events. All volunteers get training, and we pair new people with experienced people. There is nothing that is out of anyone’s comfort zone. Volunteers help with organisation, road marshalling, organising competitors, and general duties. This year we are planning to rotate volunteers, so you dont get stuck in one place. We are also working with skate brands to provide skate swag for volunteers at the end of the day (more on this later).

Please sign up, we will be in contact soon.

Newtons 2018

There has been a bit of confusion with the dates of Newtons in 2018, but we have finalised a date: April 6th, 7th and 8th at Mt Panorama Bathurst.

After the Newtons 2017, we decided to move Newtons closer to Asia tour (Philippines, South Korea and China). As the Philippines race is usually held over Easter, we thought a week before Easter was the best date.  The would put a second event two weeks before Easter. Unfortunately we could not get the date we wanted, and decided to swap our dates with TTT. This put TTT too close to the Commonwealth Games (I know that makes no sense), and no where to go. ASRA had to move Newtons to either the week before TTT (that date was unavailable) or make the hard decision to move the event away from TTT and closer to Asia.

The Philippines race has moved out of Easter, leaving the weekend after Easter free for Newtons.

Tame the Taipan is 23rd-25th March 2018
Newtons IDF World Cup is 6th-8th April 2018